Dental Core Training

Dental core training is part of the journey towards specialising as a dentist in the UK.

Dr Stewart McLean gave some valuable advice for anyone interested in dental core training or specialising as a dentist.

Check out the article summarising the pathway to specialising if you want to know the steps to becoming a specialist dentist.

A highlight of my time at university has to be the friendships I made and Dr Stewart McLean quickly became one of the friends I gained. He even became my groomsman at my wedding!

Dentistry has a relatively small community and by forming strong relationships within the profession it is bound to be advantageous for your career. If you are in the profession make every effort to establish and maintain these relationships.

Some key points from the chat with Dr. Stewart McLean

  • He was very hands-on and academic leading him to pursue dentistry.
  • Dental school was difficult due to the breadth of knowledge required.
  • Treating patients was a highlight and forming friendships.
  • He won a clinical skills competition within dental school, which gave him an opportunity to test his skills on a national level. This started to build his portfolio for the future.
  • The wealth of experience gained in foundation training working in a practice with high dental need.
  • Applying for dental core training in order to keep career options open. You can always go back to general practice.
  • Dental core training has a steep learning curve.
  • The importance of building a portfolio on the path to specialising due to the competitive nature of specialist training.
  • There is a sacrifice, taking on audits and building a portfolio.
  • The income is sufficient as a dental core trainee but will not be the same as general dentists.
  • Is on course to finish a PG-Cert, enabling him to teach dental foundation students in the future or supervise dental students at dental school.

It was pleasing to hear that Stewart is still enjoying dentistry and he wants to challenge himself with even more complicated clinical cases! An encouragement for anyone wanting to apply for dental core training

A chat with Dr Stewart McLean on his experience of Dental Core Training

You can hear more dental journeys on my YouTube channel

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