Dental Foundation Training

Dr. Dapo gives us an insight into Dental Foundation Training

Dental foundation training (DFT) is key in order to gain an NHS performer number, which allows the dentist to treat patients under the NHS. Dr. Dapo shares his dental journey, applying to dental school and choosing to study in Liverpool.

Some key points from the chat with Dr. Dapo

  • Both parents are pharmacists and the decision was pharmacy or dentistry.
  • Shadowing a dentist convinced him that this was the career for him.

Find out how to secure dental work experience

  • Narrowly missed out on an offer to Plymouth and reapplied for dentistry again after taking a gap year.
  • Used the gap year to tighten up his application and went on courses to improve his interview technique
  • Having friends within the course helped with adjusting to the city
  • Insight to the DFT national recruitment process
  • The pressure of preparing for DFT and completing final year of dental school
  • The speed dating process used to secure the dental practice he would work at
  • The convenience of living with parents and having the dental practice 20 minutes drive from home
  • Using the e-portfolio to reflect during the DFT year
  • Having a month to transition into the practice before starting to treat patients
  • The independence working as a dentist compared to being a dental student
  • Becoming more confident talking to patients about the cost of treatments
  • More exposure to child patients
  • Being understood by the supervisor and having friendly staff to work with. Enjoying the year because of the healthy working environment
  • Using DFT to focus on treatments you are not confident with
  • The realities of costs for GDC registration. This is paid twice in your first year as a dentist
  • Encourages dental students to apply for competitions and try out new things. Dr. Dapo was featured in an article as a result

Dr. Dapo is enjoying life as a dentist and is keen to explore general dentistry before deciding whether he will commit to any particular area of dentistry.

Dr. Dapo shares his dental journey
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