Dentistry or Medicine

Should you study dentistry or medicine?

This is a question that many struggle with and this video will help you in making that decision. I applied for medicine and ended up in dentistry whereas my wife applied for dentistry and ended up in medicine. We covered a range of topics and I’ll be getting in-depth with some of these in future videos. 

When applying to dental school or medical school, candidates will have similar subjects with strong grades at GSCE and A-Level. This is no surprise as both courses are competitive to get into. They both take 5 years at undergraduate level and 4 years at graduate entry. Medicine involves 2 years (FY1 & FY2) as a foundation doctor whereas dentistry involves 1 year (DFT).

Work experience in both professions puts you at an advantage when explaining your decision at an interview. It is more convincing if a candidate can highlight what they observed with a doctor and with a dentist before summarising on their chosen career path. It also allows you to assess whether you could be fulfilled working in that field as you do not want to get onto the course and have a change of heart.

Make sure to watch the video below

Dr. Arnold and Dr. Rumbi go on a walk and discuss their experience applying to medical and dental school

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